Israel is at war!

On Shabbat Simchat Torah, October 7 2023 we were attacked by the Hamas terrorist organization in what has become the most brutal and evil pogrom over the past 150 years.


The first on the scene in the Kibbutzim, villages and towns were the First Responder Teams who bravely defended the men women and children with many of them paying with their lives.


Sussia is under constant 24/7 threat from neighboring Palestinian towns and villages, heavily influenced by the Hamas/Isis terrorists.


In order to protect our community, we are in need of assistance for our First Responder Teams. There is essential equipment required: guns, ammunition, night vision devices and other tactical equipment.

Carefully managed perimeters provide the ability to detect and respond to potential external threats. Therefore we need a better security perimeter around Sussia which will include security roads, cameras and drones.

All of the items required are purchased in coordination with the army and the governmental agencies. Our aim is to raise $500,000 in order to help bolster our security needs.


Sussia was a thriving Jewish community 1500 years ago, and was resettled 40 years ago and we are here to stay!


Your donation is participation in saving Jewish lives in the most literal sense. With your help and with G-d's help, we will be here for many years to come.


Am Yisrael Chai!!

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